5 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Cape Town

Katherine Pannell | 1 May 2020

Whether you’re a tourist or a local, sometimes we all need a little help choosing where to eat. Everyone is going to have their own idea of the best breakfast restaurant but across the board, we all pretty much just want some delicious food! If you’re a brunch enthusiast, want to treat your mate, or even just need some wholesome chow to nurse a heavy head, I’ve got you covered. So here is my personal list of the 5 best breakfast restaurants, the best brekkie spots, the best food coma joints…okay you get the point…I really like these places.

Photograph from @starlingscafe

Photograph from @locale_starlings

Starlings Café/Starlings Locale

94 Belvedere Rd, Claremont/4 Mark Rd, Claremont

Starlings has two branches, both in Claremont, and they are both fantastic! Starlings Café is on Belvedere Rd and it is basically a mystical garden dream come true. It is a converted home and I must say that it does feel quite personal. In a way, it gives you the same feeling as visiting an old friend for afternoon tea. The chimes hanging in the trees and the mismatched garden furniture gives this place a load of character.

Starlings Locale is on Mark Rd and feels more like a hidden neighbourhood café than a home, like Starlings Café. The menu is slightly different at the two branches but both are great. This is the perfect brunch spot for an avocado toast that has been given a makeover to make it a little more interesting. It’s the kind of café you would choose when you want something a bit nicer than your usual chain restaurant. But it’s still casual enough that it doesn’t feel like something you need to put effort into. I think some café’s give off the kind of vibe that you need an occasion or a particular reason to go there. Starlings is not like that at all. I would happily grab brunch by myself or work there over a coffee or two…or three.

Between Us

176 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre

Between Us is gorgeous. They absolutely nailed the decor. If you’re into nude colours with different textures, you’ll go nuts over this place. The decor isn’t even the shining light for this restaurant. The food is exceptional! They have a good balance between elevated breakfast basics as well as more gourmet options. It is a bit more expensive than your average brunch spot but it’s nothing crazy and I honestly think that you get your money’s worth.

What I like most about what they serve is that the quality of their ingredients shines through. Even down to the drinks, everything you consume feels pure. Maybe “pure” is a weird way to describe it but hopefully you know what I mean.

They are mostly a breakfast and dinner spot but they are open on some evenings. I’ve been there once for cocktails and snacks and it is literally burned into my memory. Honestly one of the most special nights I’ve had in Cape Town.

Photograph from @betweenus.ct

Photograph from @betweenus.ct

Photograph from @betweenus.ct

Four & Twenty Café

23 Wolfe St, Wynberg

Four & Twenty is such a treat! If you’re trying to cut out sugar, I definitely wouldn’t recommend this place. Not that they don’t have any fantastic savoury options; they do. It’s just that the cakes and pastries are in abundance, they’re unique and they are plenty delicious! I wouldn’t trust anyone’s self-control in there. 

It really is a wonderful breakfast/brunch spot though. They have lots of different options on the menu and all of them are pretty much guaranteed to be tasty. Four & Twenty is awesome for brunch dates, special occasions or even just a treat-yourself moment. 

Photograph from @fourandtwentycafe

Photograph from @mulberryandprince_ct

Photograph from @mulberryandprince_ct

Mulberry & Prince

12 Pepper St, Cape Town City Center

One word for you: INDULGE. These people don’t f*** around hey. If you’re going for breakfast, you’re going for breakfast. This is the kind of place you skip dinner the night before for, just so that you have more space in your stomach for breakfast. The food is decadent and the portions are generous. I basically rolled out of there and my tummy kinda hurt (my own fault). But it hurt so good.

If I think of a brunch joint that is a treat, I think of Mulberry & Prince. Seriously though, if you’ve never been there before, you should jump on that train quickly. The whole restaurant is also extremely aesthetic.

Our Local

117 Kloof St, Gardens

I’ve mentioned Our Local briefly in 7 Best Coffee Shops in Cape Town but I haven’t really explained why I love it so much. Our Local is a feast for the eyes! As soon as you walk in, you’re absorbed by an indoor forest with vintage furniture everywhere. And I do mean everywhere; there are even chairs hanging from the ceiling. There is no doubt that it is a beautiful space but it is so much more than that.

They have transformed what would’ve simply been a furniture and plant store into a wonderful restaurant, and space for functions. The food is super simple and it’s delicious, but they have added enough twists to the menu to keep it exciting. If you want to go for a casual brunch but don’t want the typical restaurant atmosphere, Our Local is perfect.

Photograph from @our_local

Photograph from @our_local

Photograph from @our_local

I am such a sucker for brunch spots and thankfully, Cape Town has the kind of food culture that lets me run wild with my breakfast. If you’re a brunch junkie like me, I hope this list has helped you with a few more adventures ahead. There are so many more than just the few on this list but these are ones that really stand out. Also, if you have any suggestions for me, please drop a comment below!


  1. Emba

    Loved this! Im a massive foodie and used to be a frequent breakfast /brunch goer. The blog is simple and conccise, really a breath of fresh air! Would love if you could put the locations of these places too please🤗

    • Katherine Pannell

      Hey Emba! Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for pointing out the missing locations. I’ve just added the addresses now so you should be able to find each place pretty easily 🙂

  2. me@aideen.dev

    Thank you for this one! Will absolutely revisit this post when we are planning our next trip back 🙂

    • Katherine Pannell

      Hopefully that will be soon 🙂 x


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