23 Life Lessons In 23 Years

I don’t know why, but for me, the age of 22 was always a milestone.

I’ve never been hugely idealistic, especially about something as arbitrary as age but 22 was going to be my time, you know? I was going to have my Taylor Swift moment, be young and reckless, and have the time of my life. And then the reality of 2020 set in and all of those ridiculous expectations flew out the window.

Before I knew it, I turned 23 and I suddenly felt old. I know this sounds so stupid from the outside like 23 is still extremely young but for some reason, it symbolised the end of a grace period of mistakes. It’s like I had to be a real adult now and I wasn’t supposed to still be figuring things out. But after taking a step back, I remembered that we’re all constantly figuring it out. We’re all just learning and growing in our own time, which made me think a little bit about what I’ve learnt so far. So as clichéd as it is, here is a list of life lessons I have learned/am still learning in the 23 years that I’ve been around. These will probably all change by the time I reach 24 but for now, these are the things that have stood out.

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23 Life Lessons

1. Honestly just chill out – things are rarely as serious as you think (this one is definitely still in the works).

2. You have nothing if you don’t have your health.

3. Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should.

4. Honesty isn’t always the best policy but most of the time, it really is.

5. You gotta risk it to get the biscuit.

6. Sometimes the grass actually is greener on the other side.

7. Respect isn’t always reciprocated but you should still give it freely.

8. Never underestimate your ability to heal.

9. Siblings are the friends you never knew you needed.

10. Wear sunscreen (yeah I know this one is predictable but it’s still true).

11. You are not responsible for another person’s happiness and they are not responsible for yours.

12. Golden rule for maintaining relationships: just don’t be a dick. Pretty simple but I still get it wrong sometimes.

13. Knowing that life is going to kick you hard on the lows doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the highs.

14. Eat lots.

15. Sadness is normal but if you let it consume you, you’re in for a rocky road.

16. Managing other peoples’ expectations of you is a very valuable skill.

17. You’re not that special but that doesn’t mean you don’t have value or a lot to offer the world.

18. Doing nothing is doing something.

19. Death isn’t supposed to be scary.

20. Some people are just assholes. Move on.

21. A good cup of coffee can work wonders.

22. Sometimes you learn about yourself through other people.

23. You don’t need to agree with someone to make them feel heard.


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